Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can you believe it??

No, not that I FINALLY updated my blog. But instead, I did not match the boys' outfits and I actually let them pick out their own clothes (within reason) for the first day of school. Catch asked me about a month ago if him and Colt could stop matching so I figured it was about time. Don't worry, it won't happen everyday!

A new year and a new school brought lots of excitement for the boys.

I didn't let them pick out dirty shirts; it was just the rain that created those spots!

So happy to be at school with some of their best friends.

Them against the world...

Second grade here we come.

Ready for Kindergarten!

These were actually taken after school since time and rain prohibited morning pics.

Chenna missed her brothers!

Their response when asked what their favorite thing about the first day was:
Catch: "Reading time."
Colt: "Lunch time because I was across from Callon."
(They weren't even at the same table because they sit with their own classes, but they were close enough for him.)